Katazome Rice Paste Resist Kit

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Katazome is a centuries-old Japanese resist technique using rice paste and stencils on cloth and paper.

Traditionally a design is cut from a Japanese paper called shibugami then a rice paste is applied to the fabric through the stencil. Once the paste dries, the cloth can be dipped into dye or painted. The resist is then washed away to reveal the design.

This kit will provide you with the ingredients to get started; however, you will need to gather some equipment such as bowls, a bucket, measuring scales, a cutting mat and knife and a steamer. A comprehensive list is provided in the instruction sheet, and the majority can be found around the home or purchased secondhand.

Each kit includes:

Rice bran
Glutinous rice flour
Calcium hydroxide (lime)
Natural bio indigo powder
Ferrous iron sulphate
One pair of gloves
2x A4 acetate stencil sheets (small kit)
4x A4 acetate stencil sheets (large kit)
Scraper for stencil application
An instruction booklet