Too Friendly Ceramics Candle Making Kit

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Is and Chuckie from Too Friendly Ceramics have created these amazing flame candle bowls for us using the slip casting ceramics method. If you're interested in learning the slip casting method you can join them in a workshop here at Handmaker's Factory! 

With this DIY kit you will learn how to prepare, make and pour your own soy candles using eco friendly natural ingredients, and how to do so safely. 

The kit contains materials to make 1 ceramic candle bowl and 10 tea lights with enough wax to refill your ceramic candle bowl once.


- Soy Wax
- Handmade ceramic flame bowl
- 2 x Wooden wicks
- 2 x Wick tabs
- 1 x Warning label
- 10 x Tea lights and wicks
- 2 x Stirring sticks
- 2 x Paper cups for mixing
- 2 x Fragrance oils
- Instruction booklet

What you'll need

- Double boiler (a pan with a bowl) or a slow cooker
- Thermometer

We also run regular candle making workshops in the studio.