• $160.00

Dance of Colours on Water taught by Eda Tevrizci 


This workshop will commence with a brief history of ebru and introduction of traditional materials and then continue with the techniques and application process of traditional ebru patterns/ designs and transferring them on paper. In the final round I will hand over objects (Bamboo fans, coasters, greeting cards etc.) to transfer your ebru pattern on. 

You will first learn the background of this art form; gain a general information of how it was used in earlier times and how it’s being used in today’s world. Then you will learn the nature of the materials, how the solution and paints are prepared and how they are applied to create patterns.

Each participant will have their own tray set-up, it will be a hands-on experience where everyone will get a chance to produce a series of unique ebru artworks, that will reflect their inner vision and creativity. 

During the session we will learn to create at least six different ebru patterns and their variations:

  • Battal Ebru / Stone or Rock Pattern
  • Gel-Git Ebru / Tidal Pattern
  • Taraklı Ebru / Combed Pattern
  • Şal Ebru / Shawl Pattern
  • Bülbül Yuvası Ebru / Snail Pattern
  • Dalgalı Ebru / Spanish Pattern

Participants usually find this session as a captivating experience, in which they observe the brightness of colours on the still water surface. This workshop will be a meditative process of creative transformation of colours and patterns. Therapeutic nature of the practice helps with relaxation of mind and reveals positive energy. It also aims to be a fun and creative session where you can both have a chance to learn some basic ebru patterns and create your own designs using your imagination and inspiration. You can frame your finished artworks, make bookmarks or use them in your paper craft projects.

This rare art form is mostly about focusing on the process itself and exploring & experimenting with colours, observing their reactions on water surface rather than product making but still you can expect to create a series of 7-8 ebru papers along with a marbled object at the end of the session depending on the time you spend on each of your design. 

This workshop is appropriate for art lovers, explorers, life enjoyers and who are open to learning new things - no prior experience needed. It’s also a great fun for kids, motivational and stress relief event for employees and recreational activity for elderly.

Wear old clothes/shoes since it can become a little messy. 

Bring your creativity and enthusiasm! All tools and materials will be provided for the workshop.