To support the makers working with us at Handmaker's Factory we've decided to feature them and their work here on the blog! 

First up we have Laura from Wonderfleur. Laura is teaching her everlasting floral arrangement workshop in the studio but while we have been at home during lockdown she has put together some amazing 'Create your own from home kits'. 

Over to Laura!

A DIY kit consisting of a box containing dried flowers, a vase and instructions.

Pastel Wonderkit

You’re stuck at home trying to find new ways to entertain yourself and take a break from the crazy. Right now you feel like you've done every self-care ritual under the sun and you're sitting there racking your brain for something fulfilling to add joy or fun or meaning to your day... 
Which is exactly why the Wonderkit was created!
DIY kit in a box consisting of dried flowers, a vase and instructions
Wonderkits are the perfect way for you to come back to yourself with an experience that will empower you to create a beautiful dried flower arrangement that will leave you feeling confident and proud of your one-of-a-kind creation, whilst giving you all those feel-good vibes.
Dried floral arrangement in neutral and sage green colours displayed in a green vase.
As someone who’s stuck at home myself during this crazy time, I get that you want a solution that will help cure boredom and there’s only so much Netflix we can rewatch, right? This is why I created the Wonderkit - to spread some love, joy, and creativity to people looking for a new experience and a way to create positive memories.
Take a closer look: 
  • Designed by me, so you don’t have to - the only option for you to consider is the vase colour.
  • All packaged up, ready for delivery across VIC, SA, NSW, ACT & QLD.
  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Your blooms and creation will last for years
  • And there's even the option to add on elements like chocolate, candles, and reed diffusers if you are gifting this, too.
To order your own kit head on over to the Wonderfleur website. You can choose from pre made kits or create your own!