• It's been a while between blog posts but here we are again! Instagram is a great way to instantly share what we're doing but it often lacks in detail so we're going to be sharing more here on the blog. We want to have a more permanent record to look back on.  We'll share inspiration, information ... View Post
  • Weaving

    We held a weaving workshop in the studio last weekend using our new weaving loom kits. They are smaller than the frames we have supplied for previous workshops which makes them more managable and quicker to produce a finished piece.   Weaving is a great way to use up scraps of yarn and fabric... View Post
  • Rag Weaving Workshop

    On Saturday morning Rosalind introduced us to the art of rag weaving using a tapestry loom handmade by my wonderful Dad, Tom who is visiting from the UK this week. Ros started by showing us a variety of pieces she has made on the loom. She then got us started by showing us how to warp the loom... View Post