• Workshop Recap

    We had a very busy day in the studio this Saturday with back to back workshops. First up we had the wonderful Leslie from Maze & Vale teaching the art of stamp carving. With a class of ten she had her work cut out for her but each student took to the craft like  pros! The stamps they were pro... View Post
  • Silk Scarf Shibori Workshop

      We had the best time in our Shibori workshop on Saturday! Rosalind talked us through the various Shibori techniques of dyeing silk.  We started off by creating samples of the three techniques/ First we tried Kumo, wrapping small round pebbles into our silk with thread before painting the fa... View Post
  • Shibori Dyeing Techniques

    Shibori is a Japanese term for dyeing cloth. There are a great many methods including stitching, folding, twisting, wrapping and compressing and each method produces different pattern results. We will be using the following three methods in our class this weekend. Arashi Image: Mary T. Buchana... View Post