• Indigo dyeing has had quite the resurgence recently, which is fantastic! It's a wonderful way to colour fabric and yarn with varying shades of blue and has a history that goes back to the Greeks and Romans.  The preparation of the dye bath is somewhat different to your regular natural dyes. Th... View Post
  • After you've sewn up a garment do you find you have a pile of scraps left over that you can't really use for much else but can't bare to throw away? A great way to use them is to sew them up into a quilt which will be admired and loved for years to come. The quilts below are wonderful inspiratio... View Post
  • Those of you who love patchwork should check out this fantastic new way of turning your favourite image into a quilt pattern. The lovely Andi from Patch Andi has started a new website that allows you to upload a digital image and generate a high quality, user friendly pixelated quilt pattern. It... View Post