Less is more

  • All You Need Is Less

      Source: unknown Back in 2005 I quit buying new clothes and that was when Wardrobe Refashion was born which has now been transformed into Handmaker's Factory. My pledge went really well and to this day I still rarely buy a new item of clothing, instead I do with what I have, buy secondhand and ... View Post
  • One of the great things about the online world is that you discover amazing things that you might never of otherwise heard of. Project 333 was a project I stumbled upon thanks to one of my best friends on the interwebs Peonies and Polaroids. Put simply, Project 333 is a "minimalist fashion ch... View Post
  • Colouring Cloth

     Cotton and silk dyed with natural indigoSustainability. Fairtrade. Organic.  Just some of the buzzwords we would all be familiar with, ubiquitous in this age of apparent enlightenment where the endeavour to tread lightly on this precious planet of ours is no longer considered just an enthusiasti... View Post