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  • Embroidered Sun Sign Necklaces

    Need a personalized and simple gift to make for a lovely lady in your life? Look no further! Make an embroidered constellation necklace with their sun sign. You will need...An oval frame mounting pendant (I bought mine here)A chain necklaceSilver embroidery threadBlack silky fabric  First, I... View Post
  • I have been wanting to make a dress for my girl with embroidery on it. Instead of going a more traditional route I decided to make it a bit more hipster. HA! Tribal prints are in and I like it.   The dress pattern is from the book Girls Style Book. The book was easy to use and the patterns are ... View Post
  • When perusing the aisles at my local thrift shop, I notice that there is an abundance of knit tops in wonderful colors and patterns. And I started thinking about how comfortable knits are and how uncomfortable my bras were so, naturally, I thought I'd try to make some bras and panties out of som... View Post