Friday Favourites

  • We've had quite a rapid change in weather here in Melbourne this past week. We've gone from wearing sandals and shorts to boots and jackets! No doubt it will rise again but the change in temperature has made me realise my autumn/winter wardrobe is lacking some essentials and I need to dust off my... View Post
  • Friday Favourites-Bags

    We're always talking about clothes here at Handmaker's Factory but what about that accessory we use on a daily basis? Yup, the bag! We all need somewhere to put the essentials such as a purse, keys and lipbalm. We've handpicked a few favourites to share with you which you can customise to match y... View Post
  • It's World Wide Knitting in Public week and to knit in public your project and tools need to be as portable and easy to carry as possible.  Great portable knitting projects are ideally small, use little in the way of tools and materials and are easy enough to work on without too much concentrati... View Post