• Did you watch the Oscars? Oh my! How beautiful were the gowns? It seems old school glamour was the choice of many. I struggled to pick out my favourites, there are just so many but I'm particularly in love with the gowns below. Cate Blanchett wore an Armani dress embroidered with Swarovski cry... View Post
  • “Tears, safety pins, rips all over the gaff, third rate tramp thing, that was purely really, lack of money. The arse of your pants falls out, you just use safety pins”-Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols   This quote sums up the origins of the punk era, taken from one at its center, ... View Post
  • The words Haute Couture conjure up images of exclusivity, workmanship, wealth. It's Paris. It's Worth. It is a world inhabited by the few and coveted by the many. Both couturier and staff are masters with cloth, magicians of fit, maximizers of the feminine form. This elite group must work hard to... View Post