• A curator’s job must be so difficult. Deciding which bits of a vast history, body of work or era to include sounds immensely challenging. Perhaps, that is what makes it all the more impressive, and rewarding, when the job is done well. When I planned my visit to the Stephen Burrows exhibit on dis... View Post
  • “Tears, safety pins, rips all over the gaff, third rate tramp thing, that was purely really, lack of money. The arse of your pants falls out, you just use safety pins”-Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols   This quote sums up the origins of the punk era, taken from one at its center, ... View Post
  • I spent a few hours today soaking in the delights of the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI and it did not disappoint! The name gives an impression of glamorous gowns of which there were plenty but more surprising (and probably some of my favourites) were the men's costumes and the subtlety of ... View Post