Carnaby Cape

  • Here is my finished Carnaby Cape! The wool is pretty heavy so it's not as drapey as my original cape (which you can see below) but it is very warm. I love the colour and the way it has speckles through it. It has been a huge pain to photograph though, getting a consistent colour throughout m... View Post
  • Day 7 - Sewing the waist tie and alternative ways to finish the hem. You will need a copy of The Carnaby Cape pattern.  Waist Tie Fold the long edges of the waist tie into the centre then fold in half to create four layers. Pin together and sew four or five lines along the length of the tie.... View Post
  • Day 5 - Sewing the shoulder buttonholes by machine or handYou will need a copy of The Carnaby Cape pattern. I recommend you practice sewing these buttonholes at least once on some scrap fabric before sewing on your cape. Automatic buttonhole on the machine All modern sewing machines have a bu... View Post