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Weaving and lampshade making workshops

It's been a while between blog posts but here we are again! Instagram is a great way to instantly share what we're doing but it often lacks in detail so we're going to be sharing more here on the blog. We want to have a more permanent record to look back on.  We'll share inspiration, information and recap on workshops we've had in the studio.

Today we're sharing the workshops from the weekend.

Weaving Workshop October

On Saturday morning we taught nine lovely students to weave on our handcrafted looms. For all our weaving workshops I make each loom by hand. The looms are 40x50cm and can be dismantled for easy transportation and come with the tools required to get started. The best part is you get to take it home at the end of the workshop so you can continue weaving!

(These looms can be purchased separately here.)


First Ros show the students some examples of weaving and talk about the various kinds of looms that are used. Then we got started with warping the loom and learning the various techniques of weaving from plain weave, twills, soumak, tapestry, tassels and more. 


Over the course of the 3 hour workshop students create a wall hanging using mostly yarn but other materials such as fabric and plant material can be added too creating interesting results.


The yarns that we use in our workshops are mostly recycled or upcycled. We like to scour op shops and friends often offer balls of yarns left over from finished projects (feel free to offer yours!). Recycling sweaters and clothing are also great sources of yarn.


These tapestry yarns were a great find at our local Savers.

We often find people subconsciously weaving in the colours they are wearing without realising, obviously their favourites!


Here are some of the wonderful finished wall hangings from the workshop on Saturday. We are always very impressed with the results and the variety of colours and textures.


We have already listed a few workshops for the beginning of 2016. Book yourself in or buy a loved one a gift voucher for Christmas! 


After lunch new students arrived to take part in the lampshade making workshop with Anna from 3Chooks. Anna travels all the way from Sydney to teach this workshop. Such dedication to her craft! Of course she was also on a girls weekend with some friends but we're glad she could come to the studio for a few hours and teach us her wonderful lampshade making skills.


The students chose from a combination of their own fabrics and those of Ink & Spindle who we are lucky enough to share the studio with.


Each student receives a kit that will make a 20cm diameter x 23cm height cylinder lampshade – perfect for a bedside table, phone table or desk lamp. This particular lampshade was destined to be one of a matching pair of bedside lamps.

The finished lampshades all looked fantastic and so professionally made.


New dates for 2016 are yet to be decided. We will let you know as soon as possible.

We have some great workshops coming up to finish off a great year.

We're also looking for new and interesting workshops for 2016. If you have any suggestions or would be interested in teaching a workshop at Handmaker's Factory yourself please do get in touch.