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Mr. and Ms. Fox


I love anthropomorphic animals, the whimsy of them sweeps me away. Last Christmas I drew up foxes with bows to embroider onto hand warmers as gifts. These are so cute I had to do another project with them. Here is the free pattern of the foxes for you to do with as you please!

Mr and Mrs. Fox

For my project I made a dress for my friends third birthday. I used the pattern from See & Sew B5442, a very simple dress.

Mr. And Ms. Fox Gingham Dress

The pattern does not come with pocket pattern pieces so I made those up myself. The fabric I used for the pockets is upcycled from old stained napkins that my mother-in-law had upcycled from flour sacks!


Feel free to share your projects too. I would love to see the various outcomes.


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