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Friday Favourites for the guys!

It's my hubby's birthday today and I realised, as we gifted him yet more vinyl, that I never sew (or knit) for him. He's a jeans and band t-shirt kind of guy and has a rather large collection of t-shirts to prove it! 
Patterns for guys are rather limited, the commercial sewing pattern catalogues are minimal and the poor guys are usually relegated to the 'Unisex, Sleepwear and Men' section and then they have the choice between formal wear, scrubs or waistcoats that match the whole family! I'm not sure about your guy but mine wouldn't be seen dead in any of that stuff! There have been a few patterns released recently but I'm surprised there hasn't been a collection, wouldn't that be awesome?!

Anyway, I've scoured the internet to find a few patterns that guys (including mine) actually want to wear. I know there's more out there and would love to know your favourites. 

Negroni Shirt


A classic shirt by Colette patterns the Negroni shirt is slightly modern and slightly retro. There's a long sleeved version with cuffs and a short sleeved version. I've seen this made up a number of times including this one posted on our project page.  

Boxer Shorts

boxers kwik sew

I made up these boxer shorts for my Dad a while back using Kwik Sew 1672. The pattern uses very little fabric and is quick and easy to sew (just like it says on the packet!)

Graham Beanie


This simple slouchy beanie by Jennifer Adams is made up in a worsted weight yarn making it a quick knit. It's completely reversible and the broken rib stitch keeps it interesting but simple.

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