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Sewing with scraps


Scraps. If you're like me then you're in good supply of them. I hate to throw them away, they're just too good to go in the bin. But what to do with them? Well, around here we sew toys!


We have a few toy pattern books on our bookshelf, our favourites being Softies and More Softies. Toys are a great way to get kids involved in sewing, my girls are always asking to help in the studio. They trace the patterns, cut out, stitch and stuff with a little help from me on the machine. I have a feeling it won't be long before they're whipping them up themselves and I'll be fighting for my spot at the sewing machine!

Esme stitching the face to the body of her monkey

Toys are great gifts to give to friends for birthdays. We have made quite a few so far this year and they have all been very well received to my delight! I'd much prefer to gift something handmade than buy something I know will be forgotten about in a week.

Mia stuffing the limbs of her monkey

So before you throw those scraps in the bin think about how they could be used instead. Investing a little time and some stuffing has resulted in time with my kids, them learning a new skill and their friends receiving beautiful hand made gifts!

Cheeky and Minty all done!

How do you use up your scraps? Quilts? appliqué? Toys? Something else?
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