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Friday Favourites!

I don't know about you but I always have a mending pile, the contents are usually pretty boring such as replacing buttons or taking up pants. Some garments need precise mending which can't be seen once it's done but for others you can have a little fun! Personally I love to see creative mending, it adds character to a garment. Here are a few favourites!

Elbow patches

a pair and a spare elbow patches

The most obvious way to patch elbows of jackets and sweaters is to use leather patches but I think sequins are much more fun! A pair & a spare shows us how.


cashmere scarf repair

I took photos of this beautiful cashmere scarf a few years back. The owner discovered it had been feasted on by some pesky moths and instead of throwing it out she lovingly restored it by darning each hole in various colours. 

Fun Jeans

monster kneepatch6

If you have kids then you know how tough they can be on their clothes. My girls often wear out the knees of their jeans and in the past i have patched them with fun fabrics. Next time I'll be adding monster faces too! Check out By Miekk for a how-to.