Maker Men-Peter Lappin

This week in our Maker Men series we have Peter Lappin from Male Pattern Boldness, a self taught sewing fanatic from New York.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Peter!

I'm a native New Yorker currently living in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan with my partner Michael and our two chihuahuas, Freddy and Willy.

sheet blazer, linen pants, yellow shirt 
Sheet blazer, linen pants, yellow shirt

What led you to learn to sew?
I actually picked up a used sewing machine on eBay with the intention of making some simple alterations on thrift store finds, like pants that needed to be shortened.  I never expected to be sewing my own wardrobe!

peter lappin 
Color block shirt

What is your favourite mens pattern?
I don't have a single favorite, but I am very partial to the vintage 70's Buttericks (the ones that say "The Fashion One" on the front of the envelope).  These tend to be very groovy and quite of-the-moment today.

butterick funky suit
Butterick 3651-The Fashion One

What are your biggest inspirations?
I don't follow fashion very closely, but I do find inspiration on my Pinterest boards, from people I see on the street, and from old movies.

harem girl costume
Cathy, Peter's identical cousin

You collect sewing machines right? How many do you own?
I own about a dozen (depending on whether you consider sergers sewing machines).

lappin treadle
One of Peter's many sewing machines

What are you sewing this weekend?
I'm about to start work on a gray cotton-mohair suit; I just finished a pair of white linen pants and a pale yellow short-sleeve men's shirt (see top image).

taffeta jacket and shorts 
Taffeta jacket and shorts

Where do you find your supplies?
I generally do my shopping in the Garment District, which is less than a mile from where I live.  Occasionally I'll order something through the mail if I don't know where to source it locally, but that's pretty rare.  I also find a lot of vintage notions at my local weekend flea market here in Chelsea.


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