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Hollywood Costume Exhibition


I spent a few hours today soaking in the delights of the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI and it did not disappoint! The name gives an impression of glamorous gowns of which there were plenty but more surprising (and probably some of my favourites) were the men's costumes and the subtlety of some of them. I particularly loved Robert De Niro's outfits from Taxi Driver, Casino and King of Comedy. It was pretty awesome to see Dorothy's dress from The Wizard of Oz too of course.

I feel inspired to watch the movies the costumes are featured in. I may even write a little about some of the costumes here on the blog.

I knew I would want to pour over each costume and one visit would not be enough so I bought an unlimited pass, I can go every day for the duration of the exhibition if I like! The staff are going to get to know me well. 

What is your favourite Hollywood costume? Maybe we should have a sewalong?! What do you think?