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Friday Favourites!

The tools we use are important and should be cared for in the same way we would look after a car. We put them through their paces, they work hard, therefore they should be cleaned and oiled regularly to keep them in tip top condition. This week I realised I had neglected my tools for far too long so I spent some time giving them some much needed TLC.

Cleaning and maintaining your sewing machine and overlocker

machine maintenance by http://esostarikaknitfo.blogspot.com.au/
Image from Tarilyn's Show'n Tell

A quick search on Pinterest came up with many tutorials for cleaning sewing machines and sergers/overlockers, some of them for specific brands of machine. 

Cleaning your iron

how to clean your iron http://lifelovelarson.blogspot.ca/2012/09/how-to-clean-iron.html
Image from life.love.larson.

Is your iron covered in gunk? Mine too! Where does it come from? I'm guessing mine is from iron on interfacing. Irons can get gunked up inside too with mineral deposits from the water you use. I used this tutorial, I found baking soda and vinegar to work best but there are other methods too such as salt, dryer sheets and toothpaste! Check out Pinterest for more tutorials.

Re-cover your ironing board

ironingboard cover
Image from UHandbag 

After a while my ironing board cover gets grotty and stained and the padding becomes too thin. This is a fantastic tutorial for recovering your board using your old cover. I like to add extra padding to mine, just make sure that the wadding you use is not flammable!

So spend a little time this weekend taking care of your tools, you'll be glad you did!

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