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Sock Knitting

Winter is almost upon us in Australia and we're all about the handknits here at Handmaker's Factory! We both ride bikes to work which means we need to rug up against the cold. I've noticed my feet feeling quite cold on my past few rides which means I need handknit socks pronto! 

I've put together some patterns, yarns and tools to get you started too!


Socks can be knit in many weights of yarn but most patterns call for fingering weight or 4/5 ply.

Bittersweet yarns

Briley from Bittersweet Yarns has some beautiful merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarns hand dyed with plants gathered near her home in Sikeston, Missouri.

stray cat sock yarn

Stray Cat Socks from New Zealand stock some awesome hand dyed self striping yarns. Made from super wash wool and nylon. Any socks you make from this yarn will be super durable and machine washable. I want ALL the colours!


There are so many sock patterns to chose from, toe-up, toe-down, different heels, lace, cable and more! Here are a few favourites I've picked out.


This basic sock pattern is great for beginners. Use a self striping yarn like the Stray Cat sock yarn above to fancy them up and make a bold statement!

There and back sock patterns

The There & Back Again pattern provides a great introduction to stranded knitting. Simple but effective.

Mystery Sock 09

For the more adventurous knitter the cables of the 
Mystery Sock '09 can add interest to your knitting and result in beautiful detail.  


Socks are knit on double pointed needles. They may look strange and pokey but once you get the hang of them it's a case of knitting around and around. I personally prefer wooden needles for knitting socks, the yarn doesn't slip as much as it does when using metal needles. And of course you need stitch markers!
Lantern moon DP's yarn & co

Our friends over at Yarn & Co. stock some beautiful handcrafted hardwood double pointed needles by Lantern Moon.

sock knitting set 

If you plan to knit socks regularly this sock needle kit from Morris & Sons would be a great investment. 

Tabs stitch markers

These cute snag free stitch markers are handmade in the UK by Rosie Retro. A pretty way to mark your place.

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