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Mend your Jeans!

Holes in your jeans? Me too! Fear not, they can be mended and nobody will notice.

Cut a piece of denim slightly larger than the hole. It doesn't matter about the colour because it will be inside and won't be seen.

Pin the patch over the hole on the inside and chose a matching thread. I find a grey blue works best when the denim is well worn.

Now take your jeans to your sewing machine. Using a straight stitch sew back and forth over the hole.

You will be using your back stitch button to reverse your sewing over the hole. Sew over the hole until it is completely covered.

Et Voilà! You can hardly tell there was a hole there at all!

Trim the patch inside close to the stitching.

Do you have a pile of clothes waiting to be mended?
Maybe you need to patch/darn holes, replace buttons, mend tears or fix a hem. Then come along to our mending workshop! 

In this workshop you will learn to give your clothes a new lease of life.

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