Friday Favourites! - Winter Warmers

Winter seems to have finally caught up with us here in Melbourne. This week has been rather wet and pretty darn cold which has had me digging out my winter woollies in a bid to stay warm and snug. Here are a few of my favourite winter warmer patterns.

Cafe au Lait Mitts

Photo credit: Kimbamel 

I'm currently knitting a pair of Cafe au Lait mitts using yarn leftover from another project to wear while I work in my sewing room (aka The Icebox). The pattern which is designed by Paula McKeever of Snapper Knits is available free on Ravely.

Starlet Cloche Hat


This is one of my favourite hats! I made it back in 2010 using this great pattern from Sue McHats on Etsy. A quick and easy project which used very little fabric, a great way to reuse fabrics or be able to use that expensive fabric you've had your eye on without breaking the bank. Sue has a number of other hat patterns available.

Springtime Bandit


This beautiful shawl is on my list of knitting projects. Using Aran weight yarn and only 366m I could have this whipped up in a weekend (if I watch plenty of movies!). The Springtime Bandit pattern is published in Kelbourne Woolens Vol 1 but is also available for free here.

Classic Hot Water Bottle Cosy

Photo credit: Flea

Londonleo have designed this great classic stocking stitch hot water bottle cosy. The instructions include a 'make it yours' section to help you adjust the pattern and cute it up like the version above made by Flea
The trouble with knitting one of these is that It'll be expected that I knit one for each member of the family! 5 hotty covers?! Yikes!