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Friday Favourites-Bags

We're always talking about clothes here at Handmaker's Factory but what about that accessory we use on a daily basis? Yup, the bag! We all need somewhere to put the essentials such as a purse, keys and lipbalm. We've handpicked a few favourites to share with you which you can customise to match your outfits.

The Bella Bag

This cute little bag was made by Blogless Anna using the downloadable Bella pattern from You Sew Girl. It may look small but there's heaps of room in there!

Wasp Bag

wasp bag 

The free Wasp pattern from Machen Machen is a great everyday bag. I've made a few, this one for my sister and this one for myself which is still in regular use. I particularly love the key fob feature attached inside, a great way to keep your keys within easy reach!

The Weekender Bag

The Weekender Bag 

The Weekender is a knitted bag using a simple but effective yarn over stitch. Attach some handles (maybe you could reuse some?) and you have a bag large enough to carry all your weekend needs. 

Sudbury Saddle Bag

Sudbury saddle bag

The Sudbury Saddle Bag evokes the simple elegance of the designs of the wartime years. I often use a bag of this size to carry my essentials. With a longer strap to cross the body this could be my new regular bag!