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Squirrel Embroidery Pattern

Hi! Says my daughter in her super soft, shy voice. I wanted to enforce her to greet others so I made a dress that would encourage others to greet her. My latest free embroidery pattern is a squirrel waving hi.

hello squirrel
(click on the image to download from Flickr)

For my version I originally used just a yellow thread. It was very hard to see. To make the image pop, I weaved in a red thread. I’m happy with the results.

Hi Squirrel 3

Hi Squirrel 5

To make the dress I used a free pattern called The Delany Dress. You can find it here. The pattern was easy to follow and use. I altered my daughter’s dress a bit from the pattern. I made the skirt straighter and instead of using bias tape I surged all the edges. I must confess that when I started this dress, a month ago, she was a size 18 months. Now that I completed the dress she is more of a size 24 months. Note that she is 16 months old. To get the dress to fit over her head I had to cut the bodice all the way down the back. I added a button to keep it closed.

Hi Squirrel 1

Hi Squirrel 2

The skirt of the dress is stamped with a black walnut shell. My neighbor has a black walnut tree so I always have plenty lying around my yard. Many of them are perfectly split in half and the center in the shape of a heart. I took one of these and sanded it down to make it flat. I mixed a fuchsia fabric paint with a gold glitter fabric paint and used a paintbrush to apply the paint to the nut. Then I stamped it onto the fabric. Some would probably measure out where to stamp. Being me, I winged it. This time it worked out.

Hi Squirrel 4

The dress is entirely made out of vintage flour sacs, which had been upcycled into napkins. Oh, the lives this fabric has lived. It’s a bit transparent so I doubled up on the bodice.

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