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Shoe care

I've not owner a car for 10 years (by choice) which means other than riding my bike my main form of transport is walking. Cheap shoes are a false bargain just like cheap clothes therefore I'm prepared to invest my hard earned money into good quality shoes. Of course they're still going to wear and need repair and as someone who walks a lot my shoes still get worn our quickly. By putting in a little time and effort my shoes will last for years, a much better option than spending more money on cheap shoddy shoes!

I recently took these boots and shoes to my local shoe repairer. 



By investing in good quality shoes and taking care of them you are supporting better labour practices, local businesses and the environment.





My shoes were repaired (and polished) for a mere $95 in total. $55 for the tall boots to be re-soled and re-heeled and $20 each for the other pairs to be re-heeled. 

shoes collage.2

Our top shoe tips!

Buy good quality leather shoes.

Prevent permanent damage have any repair work done before it is absolutely necessary. 
Store your shoes in boxes or shoe bags to keep them dry and clean.
Clean and polish your shoes regularly.
Don't wear the same shoes every day. Regularly rotate your shoes to air them out and avoids smells.

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