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Friday Favourites - Sofa Crafts

As the seasons change from winter to spring here in Australia crafters all over the land are succumbing to every bug going, including myself. It's time to take things easy and spend some time crafting from the sofa with a cup of hot lemon and honey, a hot water bottle and a stack of movies. Here are some crafts that can keep your fingers busy while your body rests and repairs itself.


Hand Quilting - I've always found hand quilting to be one of my favourite sofa crafts. It takes little effort, is relaxing and as a bonus the quilt keeps you warm while you work!

Knitting - By choosing a project that is simple and doesn't require too much concentration you can keep the needles click clacking while you concentrate on a movie.

Embroidery - Probably not to be done while watching TV but some hand stitching can calm the mind and allow you to slow down for a little while.

Blog Reading - Don't have the energy to craft? Grab your iPad or computer and check out what others are making. Then when you're feeling better you will be filled with inspiration and you'll be ready to craft up a storm!

Stay healthy and have a crafty weekend! x

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