Friday Favourites - Kids Halloween Costumes

Although Halloween is huge in America and the UK it's only just starting to become popular here in Australia.
Growing up in the UK we would be dressed up in something our parents had put together from things around the house (black rubbish bag anyone?) and carry a carved turnip in place of a pumpkin to call on the neighbours for treats. Nowadays our kids homemade costumes have become a little more creative. Check out some of my favourites kids costumes below that I scoured from the web, really there were so many more I would have liked to have included! Many of the costumes featured have tutorials so you can create your own version.

Have a ghoulishly crafty Halloween!

homemade-medusa-costume costume-works


Medusa costume on Costume Works

wall e by Anthony Schafer on Instructables

Wall E costume by Anthony Shafer on Instructables

mummy costume polkadotchair

Mummy costumes by Polka Dot Chairtoy army man by Handmade Charlotte

Toy Army Man by Wild Ink Press

DIY No Sew Super Hero Costumes by Dragonfly Designs

No sew superhero costumes by Twin Dragonfly Designs

 batwings by my poppet

Easy Batwing tutorial by My Poppet

Tornado Costume Pop

Tornado costume on Costume Pop


Frankenstein costume on Fave Crafts