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Index Card Tutorial - French Seam

Today I have the final Index Card Tutorial for you on seam finishes before we head on to zippers! I have saved my personal favorite for last - the French seam! Though every seam must be sewn twice, I use it on everything from cotton blouses to skirts and jackets. 

MADE Tutorial - French Seam

Step 1: Sew the first seam with wrong sides together. For a 5/8" seam allowance, sew the first line of stitches 2/8" (1/4") from raw edge.
Step 2: Flip the fabric so that rights sides are together. Press.
Step 3: With right sides still together, sew second line of stitches 3/8" from pressed edge, enclosing raw edges from first seam. This will use up the full 5/8" seam allowance (2/8" + 3/8" = 5/8"). 
Step 4: Press the seam open and you're done! For a faux flat-felled seam look, you can also sew a third line of stitches attaching the french seam to the garment. 
Meg is nonprofit nerd who sews and knits on the nights and weekends because, as she likes to say, you can't wear a thesis! Along the way she's knit scarves in the Andes and sewed up dresses in Mexico City. She currently resides near San Francisco, CA, and you can find her at megmadethis.blogspot.com.

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