Book Review: Crochet at Play

crochet at play collage

I like to crochet but to be honest there's not a lot of patterns out there that make me want to pick up my hook and yarn. Yes, granny squares are pretty awesome but there are only so many blankets a girl can make! But wait, what's this? A pattern book for crochet that is actually really rather fabulous!

Crochet at Play by Kat Goldin is packed to the brim with fun crochet patterns for kids. Featuring thirty projects for newborns, toddlers and young children each of which should apparently take no longer than a weekend to complete.

The book is organised into chapters for Head and Shoulders; Fingers, Knees and Toes; Whole Self; and Play Room and is suitable for crocheters of all abilities. I'm particularly taken with the projects above especially those hedgehog mittens! 

This book would be a great gift for anyone that wields a hook and has little people to make for.