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Machine Knitting Inspiration

Winter knits may be the last thing on our minds here in Australia as we sweat our way through summer but knitting doesn't necessarily need to be a winter thing. I recently came across these beautiful garments that are knit by Berlin based designer Sabrina Weigt of THE KNIT KID. Many of her designs are bright and summery such as the dresses and sleeveless tops and others work well for the colder months. Knitted pants anyone?

theknitkid1 theknitkid.2

Machine knitting is a fast way to create garments and a great way to incorporate your own designs such as these bold fairisle cotton sweaters and hats designed by New York Designer Annie Larson of ALL KNITWEAR.

annie larson sweaters Annie Larson hats

We have a machine knitting course starting next weekend for beginners and enthusiasts looking to refresh their basic skills or acquire some new tricks of the trade. Once you have learned the basics there'll be no stopping you. Whip up garments for the whole family in the time it takes to hand knit one sweater. Imagine the possibilities!

See here for details. 

machine knitting classes