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Republique du Chiffon Sewing Patterns

We're experiencing some random weather patterns at the moment here in Melbourne, one day it's 30 degrees and sunny and the next it's 20 degrees and raining. Crowded House sang a song about the Melbourne weather called Four Seasons In One Day which a true Melbournian would be ready for. It seems I am not a true Melbournian as I'm most certainly not ready but I'm about to change all that!

I'm in dire need of a new winter wardrobe as most of what I wore last year no longer fits. I seem to have gone up a dress size since then, who knew exercise would do such a thing?! So, at the weekend I spent an evening surfing the web for sewing patterns and came across Republique du Chiffon.

I am in love with these patterns! I love the simple style and the classic cuts. I've downloaded a few of the patterns to try out and hope to include them and more in my winter wardrobe. I'm feeling very inspired and the need to sew, Yay! Who doesn't love that feeling?!

banniere-blog Gerard-5

The Gerard Coat is printed out and waiting for the right fabric. Plain or print?


A Ponti Ludevine dress perhaps?


The Gilbert Pants will be great made up in wool.


I'll be trying out the Viviane Dress in a lightweight chambray. I'm yet to decide what to use for the quilted detail, maybe leather?
Check out the other patterns here.

I'd love to hear from you if you have made up any of these patterns. Add a link to your blog in the comments.

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