Have you ever unintentionally made the perfect dress? You know the kind right? You go to the fabric store to purchase something particular for a project but find something completely different to bring home. That something is usually a remnant bought for half price or a discounted roll with an interesting print that is just too good to pass up.


Then that purchase is chopped into as quickly as you handed over the money for it and is transformed into the perfect dress! How does this happen? Who know's maybe it's just meant to be but I LOVE it when it happens to me.

This dress was made in this exact way by one of our members Lightening McStitch


The dress was created by mashing together two Lisette patterns, the Passport dress (2209) for the body and the Diplomat dress (1878) for it's sleeves. And as the Lisette patterns are intended to be made up in a woven fabric rather than a jersey as this one is there was no need for a side zipper!

lisette patterns

To find out more about how this dress was put together and the meaning behind the 'Map of Tasmania Disaster' check out Lightening McStitch's blog Bartacks and Singletrack.