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Friday Favourites - DIY stamps from everyday items

We are hosting a number of fabric stamping workshops here in the studio so we have been on the lookout for interesting stamps that can be made using everyday household items. My goodness there are so many to choose from! Here are some of our favourites that we will be trying out tonight in our pillowcase workshop and our 'Print your own tote' workshop for kids in the holidays.


Image source: Lime Riot

We all have these! Toilet rolls can be used many way to make stamps. The ends can be used as they are like you see above, squished into various shapes such as hearts or wound with fabrics, threads or foam pieces attached as you see below and rolled onto your fabric.


Image source: 2 Modern blog

The trusty vegetable has been used to stamp for many many years. Potatoes can be cut into simple shapes like below to produce wonderful bold results.

potato stamp

Image source: My Scandanavian Home

Or you could get more adventurous with corn which produces an interesting almost animal print design. Other veggies can be cut crosswise to reveal beautiful shapes.

corn stamp

Image source: DIY Creator

Other everyday object found around the house can also come in useful such as bottle caps.


Image source: Home Sweet Homemade

Scrap blocks of wood can be wrapped in various objects from buttons, string, bubble wrap, rubber bands beads and more. The options are endless!


Image source: Cut out and keep

Carve some more permanent stamps from cork. These can be kept and used again and again.


Image source: A mess to be made

 And last but not least recycle your cardboard packaging by cutting it up into shapes and glue a handle onto the back. Corrugated cardboard creates interesting textured results!


Image source: Housing a Forest