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Workshop recap - Make your own macramé plant hanger

We've been having so much fun in our workshops! Last Saturday we held our first macramé workshop and I got to take part too. I have to say, one of the best parts about running Handmaker's Factory is being able to join in the fun and learn new skills.


Margaret taught us all about knots and we practiced before moving onto our plant hangers.


There was a pattern to follow using the knots that we had learned in the first part of the class but we were given free rein to change it up how we liked.


As we chatted we discovered that we all live within the same area of Melbourne! Literally within a few blocks of each other so the conversation turned to local chit chat and we joked that we would all be decorating our porches with our macramé plant hangers. Ha!



Our next macramé plant hanger workshop will be held on the afternoon of August 16th.


Make Your Own Macramé Plant Hanger

Taught by Margaret Tormai of MKT Designs

Everything old is new again.  After 40 years of being the subject of many a joke, macrame is back in style, but with a difference.  Modern macramé uses modern, industrial and alternative materials.  So come and get knotty! Learn the basics and you will be amazed at what you can produce.  

Participants will take home their very own macrame plant hanger as well as written instructions for tying knots and the materials to begin a second project.

You will need to bring your own pot up to 30cm in diameter and a firm fabric cushion. All other materials are supplied and covered by a materials fee included in the price of the class. There will be a number of rope colours to choose from on the day.

Prior knowledge is not required, but if you can tie a reef knot you are well on your creative way with this 3 dimensional craft.


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