Friday Favourites - Pattern Designing Tools

I've been spending a lot of time working on The Carnaby Cape pattern recently and as it's almost ready to be released I have begun planning future patterns. You don't need much to make your own patterns but there are a few must-have tools that I use.


I use the Fashionary sketchbook but also have a notepad in my bag for when inspiration strikes! (BTW my drawings are nowhere near this good!)



Measuring Tape
This measuring tape (also from Fashionary) is fantastic! It is marked with body measurements for both women and men. Great for designing although the measurements are based on slim size figures which are very similar to fashion models, maybe not so good for pattern making for the average person.

 butchers paper

Tracing Paper
I use butchers paper when drafting patterns. It's great for tracing and really cheap!


Good quality pencils, fineliners and an eraser are a must! I usually pick mine up from my local Officeworks.


We all have a calculator on our phones these days. There's a lot of maths involved in pattern drafting.

french curve

French Curve
This is a must-have tool for drafting patterns! You can pick these up at any good sewing store.

I'll be making use of these tools at the weekend. What plans do you have? Whatever they I hope they're creative!

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