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Jan and her timing!


Meet Jan. She's our resident workhorse and is used by many of us in the studio for various jobs. She has sewn doona covers and table runners for Ink & Spindle, she has stitched together paper for the lovely Beth Emily and she's working on a number of garments. 

Jan is usually very well behaved and punctual, until this weekend that is when her timing was out of whack. We're talking about her hook timing of course, she doesn't go anywhere! As the needle lowered into the machine it would hit something and break on it's way back up. I took the plate off so I could see inside and discovered that somehow the hook and needle were no longer matching up causing the needle to break. 

If you're not sure what I mean by the hook check out this GIF which explains how a sewing machine works. 



See how the hook catches the thread from the machine as it passes? There is a small groove in the back of the needle that allows this to happen. If these do not line up your machine will skip stitches or not sew at all. In Jan's case the needle was hitting the hook rather than dropping into the space before it. 

I did some research and watched a few tutorials and found these to be the best in explaining the step by step process for adjusting the hook timing.

All it took was 10 minutes and Jan was on time again and purring like a kitten (well, maybe a lion!).


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