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Rag Weaving Workshop

On Saturday morning Rosalind introduced us to the art of rag weaving using a tapestry loom handmade by my wonderful Dad, Tom who is visiting from the UK this week.


Ros started by showing us a variety of pieces she has made on the loom. She then got us started by showing us how to warp the loom and add the heddles (the little loops holding the shafts).


We were then instructed on how to get started using our scraps of fabric. Rag weaving is a great way to use up leftover pieces of fabric and yarn from other projects and old worn out clothes too!


It's nice to make something useful out of something that would otherwise be thrown away. It's also nice to remember that you made a dress from a particular scrap, you're essentially weaving memories into your work.


Ros finished up the workshop by showing us how to remove our work from the loom and showed us how to use a table top loom as seen in the photo below.


Everyone went home with their very own handmade loom so they can continue to weave and learn.

Erica Louise wrote a great review on the workshop over on Weekend Notes.


Our next Rag Weaving workshop will be held on September 6th from 10am - 1pm. You can book your spot here!

My parents head back to the UK tomorrow so I'll be back to work full time. If you have emailed me but not had a response please be assured I will reply to you soon. I have a few new workshops to share with you too! Yay!

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