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Friday Favourites - Essential Knitting Tool Kit

It's World Wide Knitting in Public week and to knit in public your project and tools need to be as portable and easy to carry as possible. 

Great portable knitting projects are ideally small, use little in the way of tools and materials and are easy enough to work on without too much concentration. Think hats, socks, scarves, mittens and toys for example.


Strib Hat by Kelly Williams. Check out Ravelry for for heaps of small knitting projects.

If you're going to leave the house with your knitting then you'll need an essentials tool kit. 

open wide pouch noodlehead

You will need a pouch to carry all your tools in. I love the open wide zippered pouch pattern by Noodlehead.


A small pair of scissors for cutting yarn. I prefer these snips, they're sharp and easy to use and I have a bunch of them hanging around the studio and at home.

crochet hook

crochet hook for picking up those pesky dropped stitches!

paperclip stitch markers

A bunch of stitch markers are always great to have on hand. Make your own from colourful paperclips like these by non*sense.

knitting lamb tape measure

A tape measure for knowing when your knitting is long enough. A retractable one will keep your tool kit tidy like this one from Allaboutthefiber.

And last nut not least you will need a large sewing needle for weaving in ends and a notebook and pencil for jotting down notes.

There are so many more tools and gadgets you could pack into your tool kit but I'd say the above are the most essential. Did I miss anything? Is there something that you have in your tool kit that you just can't leave the house without?


If you'd like to learn to knit we still have a few spots available in our class tomorrow morning from 10-1pm with Leisl. You can book here!

mend it workshop

While Leisl teaches knitting in the studio I will be heading over to Mulgrave Neighbourhood House for our Mend It workshop with Monash City Council. I'll be joined by Leeyong Soo who will be there to assist with all your mending and refashioning needs. If you're in the area we'd love to see you, don't forget to bring along your mending pile!!