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Mend It Workshop with City of Monash Council

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Just over a week ago I ventured over to Mulgrave to host a Mend It workshop with City of Monash Council. The idea was that participants would bring along their mending piles and we would show them how to fix up their garments to make them wearable again. 

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As I was setting up I realised I hadn't packed a power board long enough to reach the sewing machines so I popped out to grab one leaving Leeyong to finish setting up. I returned to find a line of people eager to get started! We quickly plugged in the machines and got to work.

mend it3

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There were many pairs of pants to be taken up, taken in and patched. Dresses were adjusted to fit, bags were repaired and advice was given by the bucket full. Some even got creative with the supplies we had on hand and got to grips with using a sewing machine for the first time.

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It was great to see the reactions participants had when they realised they had fixed something all by themselves. 

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If you're interested in hosting a Mend It workshop (or any other workshop we teach at Handmaker's Factory) in your neighbourhood we'd love to hear from you!

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