Screen printing workshops and open studio sessions

 The participants of our Learn to Screen Print in a Day workshop this past Sunday produced some amazing work! After Ros explained the basics of screen printing everyone got to work choosing designs and cutting out stencils.

There were amazing geometric cats....

Learn to Screen Print in a Day Learn to Screen Print in a Day

 and lotus flowers.

Learn to Screen Print in a Day

Kara got creative and embellished some fabric boxes with names.

Learn to Screen Print in a Day

Learn to Screen Print in a Day

and Rachel worked on some Ingress logos. 

Learn to Screen Print in a Day

A very productive and creative day!

We have a few more Learn to Screen Print in a Day workshops coming up and due to popular demand we have organised some Screen Printing Open Studio sessions.


Would you like to screen print your own designs but don't have the space in which to do it? Would you like to use a professional studio? Come along to our Screen Printing Open Studio and spend the day printing your own t-shirts, fabrics to use in your creations or just practice your new skill after attending one of our Learn to Screen Print workshops.

To use the studio you MUST have prior screen printing experience, this is not a learning workshop. We recommend you attend our Learn to Screen Print in a Day workshop or a similar workshop first. Someone will be on hand during the day to assist with any questions or problems you may have.


The studio is set up with the following:

  • A 10metre screen printing table
  • Screens (40cm x 65cm)
  • Squeegees
  • Heaters for drying printed fabric
  • A ink mixing area
  • Screen cleaning trough
  • A large lightbox
  • A heat press
  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Sewing machines
  • Large tables for design work
  • Cutting mats and cutting knives
  • Pencils and rulers etc
  • Kitchen area

What to bring:

  • We have a small number of screens that can be used in the studio but recommend bringing your own if you want to work with a specific size or have an emulsion exposed screen you wish to work with.
  • You must supply your own inks. We use Permatone or Permaset Aqua in the studio which are water based and 100% solvent free. We do not allow the use of solvent based inks in the studio.
  • An apron. We do have a few in the studio.
  • Anything you wish to print on such as lengths of fabric, t-shirts, etc. We suggest natural fibres such as cotton or linen. 
  • Snacks and lunch. Printing makes you hungry! There is a kitchen area with hot water, a fridge and a microwave. 

Some supplies are available for purchase, see the class listing for more details.