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The Carnaby Cape Tutorial - Day One

Day One - How to put together a printed PDF pattern, pattern alterations, choosing a size and tracing off.

You will need a copy of The Carnaby Cape pattern

The Carnaby Cape

The Carnaby Cape pattern is a PDF download which can be printed on your home printer. It consists of 22 pages in total including the actual pattern, the instructions and the cover page. To save paper I suggest printing only the pattern part which starts on page 7 of the PDF file and is a total of 16 pages.

But first! Before you print the whole pattern we need to check that your printer is not set to scale and is set to print 'actual size'. To check your printer will print at the correct scale you should print out Tile A only and check that the test square measures 5cm exactly, see the photo below.  

 Carnaby Cape Sewalong 8

Once you have checked this you can go ahead and print the rest of the pattern.

Carnaby Cape Sew-along.1

As the pattern is printed out in tiles it will need to be pieced together. Each tile has a border around it. You will need to remove one side from each tile, you can do this by trimming it with scissors.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong.2

Or folding it back.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong.3

You will then need to stitch the tiles together using tape. Match up the triangles and the edges of the tiles.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong.4

You will then need to trim the top of each row and stick the rows together in a four by four grid like you see in the photo below.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong.5

Now to choose which size to cut. Compare your measurements with those on the chart on page 1 of the instructions. Your waist is the most important measurement you will need to determine where to place the waist tie openings. If your waist is smaller or larger that those marked on the pattern you can easily move them to accommodate your measurements. Divide your extra centimetres by 4 and move your markings on both the front and back pattern pieces accordingly. 

Next you will need to check the finished length and width against your body. This is much easier if you have a friend to help you. To determine how long you would like your cape to be measure the finished length of each size from your shoulder down over your bust. Then, to determine how far down your arms you would like the cape to fall measure the finished widths of each size across your shoulders with your arms by your side. Again you can easily add or remove length and width as you wish.

The front and back pattern pieces are printed as one with a small difference at the neckline. To make things easy I suggest tracing a copy of the front AND a copy of the back in your preferred size. Tracing also preserves the original pattern in case you decide to sew another size at a later date.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong.6

If you plan to sew only one size you can cut the original pattern as I have done here. Now you have your pattern pieces ready.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong.7

Tomorrow we will cover fabric suggestions, layout, cutting your fabric and block fusing.

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