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The Carnaby Cape Tutorial - Day Three

Day 3 - Sewing the shoulder seams and neck facings. 

You will need a copy of The Carnaby Cape pattern

Pin the front and back right sides together at the shoulder seams. 

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 18

Sew the left seam completely and the right seam to the notch only with a 1.5cm seam allowance.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 19

Fold the button band in half right sides facing and sew along the curved edge. If you feel your fabric needs it you can fuse half of the button band beforehand.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 20

Clip the corners and curve then turn right sides out. Press.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 21

Line up the long raw edge of the button band with the right shoulder seam on the back of the cape. Line the curved edge up with the neckline and sew in place with a 1.5cm seam allowance.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 23

Sew together the shorter side of the front and back neck facings right sides together. 

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 22  

Pin the facings in place on the neckline right sides together and sew in place. 

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 24

Clip curves and corners then turn to the inside of the cape. Press in place.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 25

Sew around the bottom edge of the facings with a top stitch to secure in place. I used a chalk line drawn onto the fabric to produce an even top stitch.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong 26

Tomorrow we will be sewing the bound waist tie openings.