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The Carnaby Cape Sewalong - Day Seven

Day 7 - Sewing the waist tie and alternative ways to finish the hem.

You will need a copy of The Carnaby Cape pattern

Waist Tie

Carnaby Cape Sewalong

Fold the long edges of the waist tie into the centre then fold in half to create four layers. Pin together and sew four or five lines along the length of the tie. If desired the shorter ends of the tie can be tucked inside before stitching for a neater look.


If you have used a felted wool you can leave your hem raw. If you have used a fabric that requires finishing you can use one of the following finishes.


On the right side of your cape line up the binding with the edge of the hem. Sew along the fold of the binding. Turn the binding to the wrong side of the fabric, press and catch stitch in place.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong

Blanket Stitch

Using a heavy thread such as wool or perle 8 sew an even blanket stitch all around the hem. Thread your needle and knot the tail end. Start by bringing your needle from the back to the front. Bring your needle over the edge of the hem and through the back again at the same spot where you started, creating a loop around the edge. Sew from the back to the front about half a centimeter over from the first stitch and through the loop of thread. This will create a straight line down. Continue around the hem.

Carnaby Cape Sewalong

I'll be showing off the finished cape on Monday as tomorrow I will be spending the day sewing at Craft's Craftcubed Festival in the Atrium at Federation Square. I hope to see you there!

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