A Finished Project - Pebble Beach Shawlette

Leisl gifted me a hank* of Eden Cottage Yarns BFL sock yarn in the colour Copper Bucket upon her return from a trip overseas recently. A little taste of home (UK) in the form of yarn. I wound it into a cake** and patted it affectionately for some time while I decided what to knit it into. 

Eden Cottage Yarns BFL Sock Yarn

Socks were high on the list along with mittens but I finally decided on the
 Pebble Beach Shawlette by Helen Stewart from Curious Handmade. She has heaps of other patterns on offer, I'm particularly intrigued by the Interactive Shawl DKAL. Helen also hosts her very own knitting podcast! I'm going to be downloading them to listen to while I work and knit for sure!

pebble beach shawlette.3

After the disaster that was my Lila Pullover (I'm yet to unravel and reknit that one) I wanted something quick and interesting after so much stocking stitch! 

pebble beach shawlette.4

I did manage to mess up a row mid way through and had to spend some time tinking back to fix it, that was fun! I must remember to not knit something that requires counting late at night when I’m tired! I love how the pattern is written out row by row and how every now and then it mentions the percentage you’ve knit. Woohoo 65% done! You feel like having a little celebration at each milestone.

pebble beach shawlette.2

I really enjoyed knitting this shawlette. It was a very quick knit, 2 weeks of evening knitting and a few knitting walks too!

I can see this being a great pattern to knit as a gift, only one skein of yarn and a few weeks of knitting, perfect!

pebble beach shawlette.1


It's like a warm hug from my friend Leisl! I like that.

A long twisted loop of yarn which needs to be wound into a ball before being knit.

** A cylinder with a flat top and bottom which is wound on a ball-winder.


I have really caught the knitting bug this winter and have already cast on my next knitting project but this one is a gift so I won't be sharing too much until it's finished and gifted. I'm using a chunky yarn and there will be cables. Ooh I get to use my fancy Clover cable needles!

Have you been knitting this winter? I'd love to see your finished projects or hear what you're working on.

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