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Fibre ID - Cotton

Cotton ID card

If you shop on the remnant table at your favourite fabric or yarn store or buy second hand fabrics or clothes and have wondered what the fibre is you can do a simple burn test to find out.

This test can be used on fabric and yarn.

Test your fibre in a well ventilated area. Place a non flammable container such as a plate underneath and use long tweezers to hold the swatch. Keep water nearby as a precaution or do the test by the sink.

How To
Using the tweezers move your swatch into the flame and remove it. If it continues to burn blow it out.

You are looking for the following:

  • While in the flame does the fibre melt, smoulder or extinguish itself? Is it fast or slow burning?
  • What happens to the fibre when you remove it from the flame? Does it continue to burn or extinguish itself? 
  • Does the burnt fibre produce an odor or smoke color?
  • Does the fabric form a melted bead or ash?
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