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Embroidered Sun Sign Necklaces

Need a personalized and simple gift to make for a lovely lady in your life? Look no further! Make an embroidered constellation necklace with their sun sign.

Sun sign pendants

You will need...
An oval frame mounting pendant (I bought mine here)
A chain necklace
Silver embroidery thread
Black silky fabric 

Sun sign pendants

First, I have to admit. I don't know if carbon paper works on this type of fabric. I didn't even try. How I 'transfer' my images on to fabric is I print it on everyday white printer paper, cut out around the image, put the fabric in the hoop, and pin the image down to the fabric. I embroider right into the paper. When I'm finished embroidering I carefully tear the fabric off. Sometimes you need tweezers to get it all.

To make the stars I used french knots. For the constellations with more stars I would recommend using only two strands of thread and for the ones with less stars use four. To make the connecting lines I used straight stitches.

How to make a French knot:

  • Pull the needle from the back of the fabric through to the front.
  • Pinch the thread with one hand a couple of inches from the fabric and hold taut.
  • Hold the needle in front of the thread and tilt up away from fabric.
  • Wrap the thread around the needle. The more times you wrap it the bigger the knot. For this project I wrapped it three times.
  • Point the needle down and insert the tip into the fabric directly next to where the thread is exited. Make sure the thread is taut and the loops you just wrapped are wrapped tightly.
  • Pull the needle the rest of the way through while still holding the thread taut.

Sun Sign Pendants

Once the embroidery is complete take off the hoop and cut out around it with over an inch of extra fabric around it. The frame mounting pendant comes with three pieces. Place the embroidery over the curved piece and place the frame piece over that. Make sure the embroidery fits into the frame by straightening it out and making it taut. Fold fabric into the back of the pendant. You can glue it down or tie it down if you like. To tie it down stitch a thread around the edge of the fabric, gather it in the center and knot it. Place the last piece of the frame mounting pendant over the back covering up the fabric. Make sure all the fabric is hidden under that back piece. I pushed the escaping fabric under with a tweezers end. Push the tongs on the frame down. Put the pendant on a chain and you are done!


The Gingham Ginger, aka Nena, has been a life long crafter. She learned how to crochet so young she doesn't even remember how old she was. Recently she has gotten into embroidery hardcore. HARDCORE! The Gingham Ginger is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and community enthusiast. Always ready for an adventure to spread positivity near and far.

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