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Summer Wardrobe Sewing

Spring has sprung! The days are growing longer and a little warmer (mostly) and this prompted me to fling open my wardrobe doors and drawers and sort through my clothes. I pulled everything out and made 4 piles.

1. Back in the wardrobe to wear during spring/summer
2. Pack away for next winter
3. Donate
4. Bin

Last summer I had a huge clearout and sold quite a lot of my handmade clothes, so many in fact that as I went through my wardrobe last weekend the piles I made were pretty small and I realised that I really don't have a lot left! We all know what that means don't we? NEW CLOTHES!! Woohoo!

vintage simplicity dress

So I'm putting together a list of things to make and trying my best to keep my wardrobe contents to a minimum and make everything work with each other. I'm revisiting Project 333 and while I may not stick to having 33 items (including shoes, accessories and jewellery etc) in my wardrobe I think I may be able to get through summer with something pretty close to that.

Being that I work for myself my style is pretty casual most days and looking through my Pinterest inspiration board what I make should be:

Simple over out there
Natural colours over bright colours
Green, yellow, orange, red, blue, brown
Bike and walking friendly
Have the ability to be mixed and matched

So, I've started a pinboard on Pinterest where I can drop ideas of things I would like to make. From this I should be able to work out which items will work together and which I should leave out.

voila top 

Through winter I have lived in a pretty small selection of garments, jeans, a few dresses with leggings or tights, a cardigan, a cape, a few tops, scarves and a skirt and I've found it quite nice to not have too much choice. Although I must admit my wardrobe has been kind of hacked together this winter and I've pretty much done with what I have. I'm really not able to do that with my limited summer wardrobe and need to add some basic staples to it.

vintage simplicity shorts/trousers

So, here is my potential summer wardrobe sewing and knitting list. These will be in addition to what I already have in my wardrobe:

Five dresses
A jersey cardigan
A hand knit cardigan
One or two hand knit tops
Two pairs of shorts
Two pairs of wide leg pants
A jacket
A skirt or two
A jumpsuit/playsuit/overalls

I may even venture into bra and knicker sewing!

mccalls trousers

Summer in Melbourne can get stinkin' hot so loose lightweight garments are a must and being able to quickly throw on a dress or pant and top combo and go is very appealing! I hate standing in front of the wardrobe wondering what on earth I'm going to wear that day. Having a limited wardrobe that works well together will be a time saver and so easy.
I'm going to stick with mostly neutral fabrics in natural fibres with a few prints thrown in.

How about you? What state is your summer wardrobe in? What do you plan to make?


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