I've been a little absent from the blog over the past week or so while I work on things behind the scenes. There has been ACTUAL SEWING happening amongst boring stuff like working on my tax return (ugh!) and more interesting stuff like pattern making and workshop preparations.

I have a few things up my sleeves that I've been spending a bit of time working on that will be revealed soon enough but today I'm going to show off my new favourite dress that I made as part of the modern vintage make-along.


It has been a while since I made something for myself. My sewing mojo seemed to vanish over winter and I spent most of my time knitting instead. Now that the warmer weather is here I have realised my wardrobe is severely lacking in summer frocks.


I made up version 3 of vintage Simplicity pattern 8294 in some pineapple covered cotton/linen that I've been hoarding for a few years. From past experience I know that vintage pattern sizing can be vastly different to modern patterns so I made up a muslin from some cheap calico first. I was concerned it would be tight across the bust but was surprised to find it was a perfect fit there. However, the dress was a little too tight around the hips and the length was ridiculous! Why do vintage patterns have so much extra length than the illustration makes out? A vintage knee length becomes a maxi on me!


I adjusted the pattern by chopping a good 30cm from the length, I then widened the front and back pattern pieces at the side seams from the bust down to create more of an A-line. I need to be able to ride my bike in this dress so a straight skirt is a big NO.

The only other alteration I made was to add in some in-seam pockets. I think every dress should have pockets and I always curse myself when I don't bother. I mean where else are you meant to put your handkerchief or those random treasures from kids?


The dress went together beautifully and pretty quick once I put aside some time to just get it done. The section where the button band hits the front seam was probably the trickiest part of the whole dress which was really not that difficult.

I've had the dress hanging on my wardrobe door for the past week while we've had some cold weather and have admired it every time I walk into the room. Today I finally got to wear it and have had numerous compliments.

Instagram follower katejm commented that "I'ts a pineapple frenzy!". Yes, it most definitely is and I love it. 

vintage dress

I'm still working on my vintage knitted top, it's slow going so may take  more time than I had hoped but my 70's quarter circle skirt is almost done. Just the hem to be finished off and a hook and eye added to the waistband and it's ready to go.

How are you going with yours? Don't forget to upload it to the Project Page.


Pattern: Version 3 Simplicity 8294
Fabric: Cotton/linen blend from Tessuti Fabrics
Buttons: 12mm plain black shank buttons from Spotlight
Alterations made: 30cm length removed, widened gradually from the bust down to create an A-line skirt, in-seam pockets added.

Tags: patterns, Sewing